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Hello and thank you for your interest in signing up! 
The ongoing underrepresentation of people of colour in museums and galleries is why Museum Detox exists. We’re a positive action group. We aim to promote and support people of colour to participate, be fully engaged with, and lead in the heritage and gallery sector through advocacy and events. 

To join Museum Detox you must:
1. Identify as non-white, as a person of colour. 
2. Have experience of working in the museums, galleries, libraries, archives, and the heritage sector. 
3. Sign up once! (This is just to manage the capacity of the Exec Team)

Our membership criteria is constantly under review. By “person of colour”, we refer to individuals who are descended through one or both parents, from 
AfricaThe CaribbeanAsia (the Middle-East to East Asia)Latin AmericaThe First Nations’ peoples of America and Australasia.

While we recognise that there are overlapping and aligned forms of discrimination faced by white people of minority ethnicity and migrants, there are historically specific forms of racism facing workers with visible ethnicities.

By filling in this form you agree to Museum Detox holding this information about you. The purpose of collecting the data requested is to help shape the development of Museum Detox so we can offer services, resources and all the good stuff that meets the needs of our members.

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Are you descended through one or both parents from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia (the Middle-East to East Asia); Latin America; and The First Nations’ peoples of America and Australasia?
We're asking this as a way to verify as we get membership requests from those may primarily identify as white.
Please can you describe as our mailing list and Facebook group is a private forum and we are protective over it to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our members.
We’re asking this as we do not wish to misgender anyone.
We want to combat ageism. There are more 16-25 year old schemes but not enough career progression programmes for those who are older.
We want to improve accessibility. We’re conscious that most of our members are based in London. This perhaps reflects museum sector trends and UK demographics but doesn't excuse us.
We remain open to members abroad. We're asking for data on members' locations to help improve accessibility to events and signposting Detoxers who are local to you.
We are collecting this data to understand the variety of specialisms within Museum Detox and to see if we can connect other Detoxers with those in their field.
We want to understand the makeup of our community better. This would help with our advocacy efforts in making the sector as inclusive as possible.
Given the nature of the sector, we acknowledge that you may occupy more than one role. If the above categories do not fit in, please let us know.
You can only sign up once. We advise against using your work (institutional) email when signing up. Your role may change in the future and it will take longer for us to change it to another address.
If you're new to Detox, we need details to verify that you're real. Please include names of organisations you've worked for and/or your LinkedIn and/or websites.
We're not expecting an essay! Just a few sentences will do. We want to understand why you'd like to join us.
We want to support and share the work of other Detoxers. Knowing your social media handle would help us track your posts and circulate them on our channels.
We’re wondering if there's enough numbers for this. It would mean for example, if you’re based in Manchester, you’d be a part of general mailing list and the one for North West Detoxers.
We’re wondering if this is what Detoxers want. It would mean that for example, if you’re an archaeologist you’d be in both the general mailing list and one for those working in Archaeology.

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